We primarily market our own brands like Zestee, Hunky Dory Fruit pops, Coconato and Cafego. We have a wide range of wafers under the name of Bada Crunch in 3 different flavours – Chocolate, Strawberry and Orange. Apart from these its utensil scrub brand Cleanzo includes Steel wool, scrub pads and fusion pads for modern housewives.

Masala Candies

Taste that takes you back to your childhood. 5 Tangy ways to relive your memories - KachaAam, Cola, Nimbu, Pineapple and Guava.

Unwrap the fun with these yummy fruity pops that kids drool over all the time. Available in Black Currant, Mango and Orange.

A crispy, crunchy waffer that is simply delicious. Popular with kids for its size & mouth-watering flavours of Chocolate, Strawberry & Orange that fills their heart.

Coconut Flavoured Hard Boiled Candies

A treat for coconut lovers, Coconato is a delight to taste buds with perfect crunch and delicious taste.

We have candies available in other flavours too.

Coffee and Chocolate Filled Candies
Milk and Chocolate Eclairs
Heart Candies In Multiple Flavours

Cleanzo Steel wool, Scrub Pad, Fusion Pad - Presenting a range of cleaning items for the housewives of today. Soft on hands, Hard on stains!