• Business planning and strategy
  • Turn around and growth strategy
  • Brand and marketing strategy
  • Sales and distribution strategies
  • Product portfolio and product innovation
  • Market entry and distribution expansion
  • Market research and opportunity assessment
  • Partner search, selection and due diligence
  • Project management
Market Understanding
  • Assessment of market segments
  • Identification of suitable consumer segments
  • Detailed analysis of current market- price, product, packaging, placement and supply chain
  • Assessment of strengths and weaknesses of competitive alternatives
  • Representing in various trade fairs, events, etc.
  • Managing various trade fair stalls on your behalf
  • Organizing meeting with various alliance partners
  • Assisting various regulatory formalities
Business Plan
  • Making a complete business plan including marketing, sales, distribution and supply chain strategy
  • Assessment of risks
  • 5-year financial pro-formats including Cash Flow Model, Income Statement, and Balance Sheet
Implementation of Business Plan
  • Deploying adequate resource to ensure implementation of business plan
  • Creating infrastructure to build a set up
Handover the operations
  • After creating the set-up, handing over the operations to the company