Creando believes in working with you and help transform the business to its optimal potential. Our philosophy is based on providing a pragmatic solution to best suited for the organizational culture and business needs. CAPL combines in-depth consumer insights and uses it to provide practical and simple ideas which help in building a sustainable business. We focus on delivering value to our clients, by bringing consumer understanding and process discipline.

Our Mission - Create Value

We help you and our associates make intelligent and informed choices to achieve their business objectives.

Our Values

We concentrate on your requirements and the value your company gains from our engagement.

We strive to exceed your expectations with defined measurable objectives, timely delivery and a hands-on approach to working with and supporting your existing teams.

What We Do

Business Planning and Strategy

Every business strives on a sound business planning and strategy. We provide proven and tested business strategies attuned to the size, goals and needs of your business. We create extensive, actionable strategies to help your business achieve its long-term goals, improve and grow.

Brand Development and Marketing

We are all about helping brands build their way from the ground up. Whether you are looking forward to launch a new brand or re-market your existing brand, we can help you identify your brand, what it means to the right audiences and reach them through the right mix of media and marketing channels.

Sales and Distribution Strategy

Distribution channels are the bridge to your customers. We guide you in setting up, managing and improving your sales and distribution channels. Our team conclusively helps you in evaluating the end-user buying patterns, match those needs to a known-to-work distribution strategy, select the best channel type, find the right distribution partners and manage your channel effectively.

Case Studies

We are confident that we can add value to your business.

Do give us an opportunity.